Elvis Presley’s Sunglasses

Posted on Feb 22, 2013

elvisglassesI recently did a special photo shoot for a coffee table book about Elvis…with the same pair of shades The King wore, lent to the photographer Christopher Ameruoso for this very special event by Pricilla Presley. The book will feature black and white photos of 90 celebrities and is created as a tribute to commemorate Elvis’s passing. It will also include John Travolta, Steven Tyler, Celine Dion etc. All proceeds will benefit Last Chance for Animals (www.LCAnimal.org).

(Photo to the left is a preview of the shoot)

What a strange and wonderful moment it was to wear Elvis’s sunglasses. In the early sixties, I used to play touch football with Elvis and his “gang” in a little park right at the junction of Beverly Drive and Coldwater Canyon, in LA. Elvis wore a helmet and face guard. He didn’t need to (though I totally understand why he did), as there was no chance that any of us would hurt that beautiful face. We all loved El, and we sure as hell didn’t want to mess with his boys.

The park has been replaced with a children’s playground, but the memories linger on…..and always will.