stockholmStockholm Film Festival

Posted on Nov. 6, 2012

Thursday night at the Stockholm International Film Festival, I will honor Willem Defoe with The Stockholm Achievement award. Willem and I have worked together on the film Boondocks Saints II: All Saints Day. Willem has made his own “the everyman” on the verge of a breakdown. It’s the piercing eyes and the devilish grin, and at the same time, he is always one step away from blowing up. Willem is absolutely hypnotic! Parky and I joined Willem and his wife Giada, who had just flown in from Hamburg, Germany where he has wrapped a film, for the Gala after-party after the festivals opening night screening of Call Girl. Giada is a brilliant director and has a documentary in the competition at this year’s Stockholm International Film Festival called Bob Wilson’s Life & Death of Marina Abramovic. Willem and Giada currently live in NYC and Rome. It’s always such a blast to hang out with such a celebrated actor in a city like Stockholm for a few days. Stay tuned for the award night!

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