New Movie News – The Harvest

Posted on Jan 9, 2013

At the end of last year (2012) I did a film in New York, THE HARVEST, directed by John McNaughton (I had worked with John before), and produced by Steven A. Jones. The movie stars Michael Shannon, Samantha Morton, Natasha Calis and Leslie Lyles. Shannon is a respected stage and screen actor and has a starring role in HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Samantha Morton, a two time OSCAR nominee, is an accomplished screen actor, and Natasha Calis is an incredible young actor, who has a natural affinity with the camera. I watched her do her off-camera work in a scene with Samantha, Leslie, and me. She gave the perfect character performance while standing off-camera for a close-up of Samantha. Normally, only pro’s do that. She carries the main thrust of this thriller/horror film. McNaughton and Jones are a great team full of energy and open to different approaches to a scene. They are very creative. The whole company worked very smoothly under tight shooting schedules.

We shot in found locations upstate of New York City.

As Steve Jones says, “We want to creep people out.” And I think it will. It was great fun. I wanted to take some photos to post with this blog, but the sets were very small and crowded with camera and lights.

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