AFI Lifetime Achievement Award for My sister Jane Fonda

Posted on Autgust 5, 2014

jane and peter fondaOn June 5th, my sister, Jane, received one of the highest achievements in acting, The American Film Institute or AFI Lifetime Achievement Award. I know Jane is absolutely thrilled to be recognized by AFI like our Dad, Henry Fonda. I have always been proud of my sisters accomplishments on screen. Her strengths as an actress are her total professionalism as well as her commitment and dedication to her work. She has a vulnerability and strength that has proven to be a very powerful as a an actress.

The evening was quite an event for all of the Fonda family. Myself ( from the family table), Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Sally Fields, Lilly Tomlin, Eva Longoria, Wanda Sykes, Jane’s son, Troy Garity, and Jeff Daniels (who sang a song to her) all gave her great accolades. And finally, Michael Douglas gave her the award.